Test Assured offers a variety of products to make your home water testing process easy. Multiple water testing kits are available. To perform all 10 tests on your water you should purchase the complete water analysis test kit. This kit can be used for both well and municipal water and allows you and your family to know what they are drinking. If you are looking to perform a home water test for only one contaminant there are other, more specific, tests provided for you by Test Assured. The bacteria in water test includes individual test strips analyzing your water to detect coliform bacteria. We also have a lead water testing kit that will detect the amount of lead and pesticides in your water. The pH and TDS meter set is available as well. The pH meter allows you to test how acidic or basic your water is. The TDS meter indicates the total dissolved solids present in your water. Water hardness strips are also available. Find the right home water testing product for your household and perform it today!

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