Test Strips For Water

Our water testing strips help you easily check your water for a wide variety of elements and contaminants.  All of our strips are made in the USA to ensure the highest quality standards.   Many of our test strip packs contain foil wrapped test strips, this way your unused strips stay fresh until you use them.

If you are looking to a specific type of test strip we don’t offer please shoot us a message and we can get it for you!

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  • Bacteria In Water Test8% OFF

    Bacteria In Water Test

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  • 17% OFF

    Bulk Water Hardness Strips

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  • 13% OFF

    Chlorine Test Strips

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  • Heavy Metal In Water Test Kit8% OFF

    Heavy Metals Home Test Kit For Lead, Mercury, Iron & Copper

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  • Test for lead in water supply12% OFF

    Lead In Water Test With Pesticide Check

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  • 13% OFF

    pH Test Strips – Foil Wrapped

    $12.99 Read more
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Showing all 6 results