Complete Water Testing Kit

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Complete Water Testing Kit


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Whether your water is cloudy or is crystal clear, you won’t know what you’re really drinking unless you test it.  For a while water testing kits were most common for people on well water.  However, even if you have municipal water, the piping in your home could be leaching contaminants into your drinking water.

If you’re concerned about the quality of your water, this is the ultimate, easy, at-home water testing kit.  The Complete Water Analysis Test Kit includes ALL 10 of our water quality tests allowing you to quickly check your water with a complete analysis.   The tests are easy to administer and give you results within 10 minutes, with the exception of the bacteria test which takes 48 hours for full results.

This single kit includes all of the following water tests:

  • Lead Test
  • Bacteria Test
  • Pesticide Test
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Nitrates & Nitrites
  • Chlorine Level
  • pH Levels Check
  • Alkalinity
  • Hardness

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(56 customer reviews)

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Despite government regulations, you can never be too certain about the safety of your water. Well water is not regulated, and it is up to the well owner to test water quality.  Municipal water is regulated, but each state has different testing requirements and regulations.

Many of the contaminants that are cause for concern can easily go undetected. They are colorless, odorless, and tasteless.  More and more cases of illness related to drinking water are reported in the news each year.

Understanding and knowing which contaminants to test for is the first step to making sure your family’s drinking water is safe.  The Complete Water Analysis Test Kit includes ALL 10 of our at home water tests in one convenient, affordable package.

These ten at-home tests allow you to quickly and accurately analyze your drinking water. The kit is compatible with well water, city/municipal water, tap water, residential drinking water, groundwater, spring water sources, and bottled water.

The results are fast, most within minutes, and easy to read by following along with our color-coded charts and instruction manual.

Testing can easily be done in your home, classroom, school, office, or anyplace else where you would need to test water quality.

You can trust our tests which are guaranteed and made here in the USA.

Don’t let the safety of your drinking water rely on foreign-made tests from other countries.