Complete Water Testing Kit

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Complete Water Testing Kit


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Whether your water is cloudy or is crystal clear, you won’t know what you’re really drinking unless you test it.  For a while water testing kits were most common for people on well water.  However, even if you have municipal water, the piping in your home could be leaching contaminants into your drinking water.

If you’re concerned about the quality of your water, this is the ultimate, easy, at-home water testing kit.  The Complete Water Analysis Test Kit includes ALL 10 of our water quality tests allowing you to quickly check your water with a complete analysis.   The tests are easy to administer and give you results within 10 minutes, with the exception of the bacteria test which takes 48 hours for full results.

This single kit includes all of the following water tests:

  • Lead Test
  • Bacteria Test
  • Pesticide Test
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Nitrates & Nitrites
  • Chlorine Level
  • pH Levels Check
  • Alkalinity
  • Hardness

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(56 customer reviews)

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Despite government regulations, you can never be too certain about the safety of your water. Well water is not regulated, and it is up to the well owner to test water quality.  Municipal water is regulated, but each state has different testing requirements and regulations.

Many of the contaminants that are cause for concern can easily go undetected. They are colorless, odorless, and tasteless.  More and more cases of illness related to drinking water are reported in the news each year.

Understanding and knowing which contaminants to test for is the first step to making sure your family’s drinking water is safe.  The Complete Water Analysis Test Kit includes ALL 10 of our at home water tests in one convenient, affordable package.

These ten at-home tests allow you to quickly and accurately analyze your drinking water. The kit is compatible with well water, city/municipal water, tap water, residential drinking water, groundwater, spring water sources, and bottled water.

The results are fast, most within minutes, and easy to read by following along with our color-coded charts and instruction manual.

Testing can easily be done in your home, classroom, school, office, or anyplace else where you would need to test water quality.

You can trust our tests which are guaranteed and made here in the USA.

Don’t let the safety of your drinking water rely on foreign-made tests from other countries.

56 reviews for Complete Water Testing Kit

  1. Justin Tabb (verified owner)

    Shipping was super fast and the kit was very easy to use, directions are clean and concise and we were thankful to get our results and find out we were in the clear!

  2. Steve Smalley (verified owner)

    Kit did work out well, instructions were very easy to understand

  3. Jacob Niemeier

    The Complete Water Analysis Test Kit that I purchased was easy to use, and it provided a simple and yet comprehensive initial analysis of the water we tested while working with a developing community in Peru to transform their community through providing a clean water and sanitation solution.

  4. Carole Kennedy

    all went well…..was able to realize no problems

  5. Ambrose Ciano (verified owner)

    My kit was missing a test. I emailed them and they responded in the same day! They are going to send another kit. Awesome customer service and as the other reviews say the test is easy and clear instructions. It is very nice to have a company with such great customer service!!



  7. Russell Davis

    The test came right away and we were able t test all of the item except the PH. I did not recognize a color that was to tell us that the test was good.

  8. Kathleen Allen

    The testing instructions were easy to follow, the kit tests for a broad range of contaminants unlike some others I’ve seen. Immediate results on all tests, bacteria takes 48 hrs. Was nice to know what was in or not in my well water immediately. I was comfortable with the level of accuracy from this test kit. I would purchase it again if I had another waer source to test.

  9. Angela L Mentink

    This test was easy to perform and read. It saved us a lot of money! Great product!

  10. E. Brenner

    Kit was easy to use, but I overfilled the bacteria test vile and do not know if it was successful. I am not sure whether the results I read were accurate on the other tests. I am considering sending the water to a lab.

  11. JRR

    Delivery was quick, instructions were well written. Only issue would be the lead test strip results. The difference in color density was
    difficult to identify. I am reordering the lead test kit and will run test again. Otherwise, very pleased with how easy the testing procedure was and the ability to compare against the target information. A very well conceived and executed product.

  12. Gail

    It was easy to use but it didn’t have instructions for the pesticides. Called c/s & they emailed them to me right away. Some of the color strips were hard to tell which color they were.

  13. Rose Kari

    Was very pleased with my water testing kit. Simple yet thorough.

  14. Terry (verified owner)

    An easy way to test my well water. It only takes a few minutes to perform and results are immediate. Bacteria test takes 48 hours . I love the product.

  15. Steve Williams, Maineville, OH (verified owner)

    Did the complete test. Every test was easy to follow the definitive instructions. Was pleased to find perfect water (except for hardness). I was trying to validate our whole house system before the money back guarantee expired.

  16. Cassie (verified owner)

    Super easy to test. Would buy another.

  17. Cassie (verified owner)


  18. Melissa (verified owner)

    Instructions were easy to follow and the customer service was amazing. I had one test that the results were not clear on. They asked that I email a picture so they could analyze it. I had already thrown it away. They sent another test free of charge with expedited shipping. I would definite use their products again.

  19. Erik (verified owner)

    it shipped just fine but the test was just not that good. felt like a bad pregnancy test with a reading that wasn’t clear. that was the frustration I got. maybe it’s me- just thought I would share the experience

  20. Laura Yen (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Easy to test. Though was a bit confused about the lead test result.

  21. Joe (verified owner)

    The test worked well and was easy to use. The problem was the hardness test only went up to 25 grains hard and my water must be harder than that. So now I am going to have yo buy a different test kit as the description on line did not give the range that it would test.

  22. James Yates (verified owner)

    Too many empty vials, should have been labled or numbered.

  23. Greg Ross (verified owner)

    It’s super easy. I hope the results are as accurate as the test was simple. It would have been nice to have a little more explanation of the hardness and alkalinity test. It seems like alkalinity is similar to PH, it would be nice to know the difference.

  24. Dale (verified owner)

    Everything went fine but there is no explanation or comparison to use for Alkalinity. How difficult would it be to include that? I tested my current residence and the next day tested the house I have a contract on which has an entire house water purification system and softener. Was good to have 2 different public water sources to compare to each other. The results at the contract house were very definitive and great which is a sign the systems are working. The results at my current residence showed 200 for hard water (which was no surprise), 1.0 for chlorine (which was a surprise), and potential pesticide (which was a surprise) so I am going to have a couple professional tests performed. One thing they don’t tell you but I learned from my father-in-law who was in the water business, if you take your water samples from a sink faucet be sure to unscrew the aerator and let the water run for at least a minute. The screen in the aerator traps debris which can cause inaccurate test results. The aerator is typically unscrewed counter-clockwise. Or if you don’t want to mess with the aerator then get your samples from the bathtub faucet.

  25. Douglas Snooks (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast…..test instructions were easy to understand and complete

  26. David B

    great testing kit, easy to do instructions, all testing done in your home, nothing to send out to a lab! Great support when I had questions.

  27. Mike G (verified owner)

    Using the test kit was very easy. Being able to see the results so I could determine it there were any water issues was great. The only test that you need to insure you are performing correctly is the Lead and Pesticide test. Any errors on your part will results in an invalid reading. Take your time and be sure you have followed the instruction.

  28. Bryan Quaglia (verified owner)

    Fairly easy to use, overall a good test kit… for some reason I thought the kit would be multi – use… would have liked better ranges on the lead and copper tests.

  29. Tony B (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping and easy to use. I would recommend this test kit to anyone.

  30. jerry collins (verified owner)

    fast easy to use no problems

  31. Kathy Gensel (verified owner)

    I ordered two well water testing kits. One for our home and one for our cabin up North. I used the one for home and found it very easy to use. I was reassured that there was no bacteria or heavy metals. The only issue I had was that my test results for pH did not match any of the colors on the results card. But, that did not really matter to me.

  32. Lesley (verified owner)

    Easy to use test kit that matched the results for bacteria that I had done at my local water utility lab for our well. The iron strip was missing from the packet, but customer service was fast and fantastic. They said that they would mail out the missing test right away. I would use again.

  33. Genowefa Cahill (verified owner)

    The water test kit was easy to use, with clear instructions. It was worth the cost for the reassurance it gave me regarding water potability.

  34. Cindy (verified owner)

    The water test kits was so easy to use, and after getting the results ease my mind greatly as I get my water from a spring.

  35. Tom A (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and easy to use. Take your time and read all of the instructions before beginning to ensure that they all work properly. I recommend this product and will be usine it again.

  36. Thomas Pollock (verified owner)

    A good, simple to use water test kit. Did what it was supposed to do. We’ll definitely be back for another one next year.

  37. Joyce Bishop (verified owner)

    As a result of the Llano River flood, my water well was completely cornered by the raging water. When the river level went down, I ordered your kit which was extremely easy to use and I was able to verify after the 48 hrs that my drinking water was safe. The other test gave me valuable information also. I would certainly your product again.

  38. Kevin (verified owner)

    Easy to follow instructions. Take your time to read all instructions.Other than the bacteria test ,quick results.

  39. John (verified owner)

    Great Kit, easy to work with company. Highly recommend.

  40. VV (verified owner)

    As a lab manager myself, I was very pleased how easy to follow the test was. Definitely a great kit! Saved us a ton of money! Thank you

  41. Donald Painter (verified owner)

    I thought I would get to test the water before and after the water system but not with this test kit. Very disappointed with the kit!!

  42. Clark Campbell (verified owner)

    Not satisfied, kit never arrived.

    • TestAssured (verified owner)

      Clark please give our support team a call ASAP, if it got lost in the mail we can get another sent out to you!

  43. Greg Fuller (verified owner)

    Clear, concise directions. Easy to use. I used the information to inform renters of water quality. Worked well. Thanks!

  44. Bob P. (verified owner)

    I received my testing kit in a timely manner. I found the instructions easy to follow and all the tests easy to perform. The pH indication was verified with my electronic pH meter. I will definitely purchase again.

  45. Mark Caldwell

    Kit arrived quickly, instructions were easy to understand and kit worked well

  46. Mark (verified owner)

    Use was very simple. Results looked very accurate. I had three samples ( two from identical filter systems), the results from those two were almost identical and a the third sample was slightly different, as I expected it would be. Very happy with the test kits.

  47. Frank Narducci (verified owner)

    Great product! Arrived on time and it was very easy to follow directions and simple to execute. It doesn’t give you a real quantitative measure of possible contaminants-you read a color scale and correlate the color to a reading. It does not provide you a direct numerical reading. However, it was a great first step for us/ We found some problems with our water (as we had suspected) and having tested the water ourselves gave us a lot more leverage with our water company. Highly recommend this product if you want to at least start looking at what you might be drinking and/or have peace of mind that your water is clean.

  48. Scott Marrs (verified owner)

    Kit was relatively simple. PH test was useless a the color did not match or close enough to make a determination. The pipette to me was useless as well but was able to estimate the volume and get what I figure good results. What could be done here is a graduated tube with a brief explanation of the meniscus. All in all not bad.

  49. Abby Alarid (verified owner)

    Great testing kit. Not only was it very easy to sue but fun. I felt like a kid doing a science experiment. I can’t wait to do another test nest year. Magnet is on the fridge.

  50. Tony B (verified owner)

    Very good and very simple. Totally satisfied. It identified problems in water consistent with Lab results from previous test.

  51. RICHARD HERRLIN (verified owner)

    This test is easy and fast. One hour to get all results except the 48 hour bacteria test.

  52. Kevin N. (verified owner)

    The test kit was shipped quickly and arrived quickly to our home. The instructions were very easy to understand and the results were very easy to read. We initially bought the kit to test our well water primarily to see if we had any bacteria or high copper levels due to one of our German Shepherds having extremely high levels of copper in his system. For the cost of this kit, it is a great starting point for a more in depth test to be taken at a later time. The instructions given in this kit also clearly explains this. It is just a “Ball Park” reading. So if you are expecting to get exact numbers, then this isn’t the kit for you. It is clearly a starting point, which is exactly why we got it. I was able to tell our water filtration contractor what the test results were and what he could expect when our “more in depth” test numbers come in. I’m almost certain that we will be purchasing more of these kits for a yearly inspection of our water.

  53. Ed Mullowney (verified owner)

    Kit was easy to use. I will definitely order again.

  54. Elise (verified owner)

    The lead and pesticide test did not work despite following the instructions. It seems that the only way to do a lead test is to get a test that you can send to a lab. The other tests in the kit were pretty good, some issues with the color not exactly matching the guides. But I was mostly confident that I could identify the right level.

  55. Kay Crowder (verified owner)

    Meh, I guess it was somewhat useful as an basic test if you are really worried about really bad stuff being in your water (like bacteria, lead or pesticides), but I had trouble comparing the different shades of colors to determine if my results for hard water, copper, and pH were significant or not. (Was my turquoise a shade darker, or is it my imagination?) It’s a cheap test. If you want to have real results, I’d shell out for something more substantial. This may be more useful for well water. I tested municipal water.

  56. BETTY Lanigan (verified owner)

    Best customer service I have ever received. I had mixed up the bottles that samples had to be taken.
    I called about my dilemma and they immediately sent me a replacement.
    Thank you Marcia.


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