4-Pack Kit For Schools & Science Fairs

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4-Pack Kit For Schools & Science Fairs


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Our 4 Test Kit Set is perfect for science fairs, classroom lessons, and family projects. This water experiment kit can be used at home or in the classroom and is simple enough for elementary school students yet scientifically sophisticated enough for high school science projects. Our water quality tests are easy to use and produce scientific data that can be incorporated into displays, graphs, and reports for science projects.

The set includes 4 test kits and is appropriate for children in grades three through nine. Tests are done with safe, easy-to-use test strips and do not require any hazardous chemicals or scientific glassware. Simply dip a test strip into the water sample and then compare it to the included color chart to determine the results.

Our 4 Test Kit Set includes 4 kits that contain tests for:
• Chlorine (Cl)
• Copper (Cu)
• Nitrates
• Nitrites
• Alkalinity
• pH
• Hardness
• Iron (Fe)

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(6 customer reviews)

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If you’re looking for a science fair project, our 4 Test Kit Set allows students to test four different water or liquid samples. Water quality tests are simple to perform yet informative enough to generate scientific data. Our all-inclusive set encourages scientific investigation through hands-on learning and helps students develop project management and scientific analysis skills.

The easy to use tests motivate students to learn about water quality while testing various samples against each other. The tests allow them to analyze and compare the differences among a number of liquids and water sources, including bottled, well, rain, puddle, and lake water.

This comprehensive test set provides quick results delivered on the spot. Using the test kits, students can accurately determine contamination levels in their test samples. Test 4 different liquid samples and compare the results from each. The set comes with a detailed instruction guide and results notebook to track and compare test results.

4 Test Kit Set Features:
• Easy to use with quick, reliable results
• 4 test kits for a total of 32 tests
• Each test set includes 4 sample containers and 32 test strips for 8 contaminants
• Compatible with all water sources and a variety of liquids
• Includes easy to read color charts and detailed instruction guide
• Comes with results notebook to track and compare test results
• Recommended for children in grades three through nine
• Made in the USA

This is the perfect water experiment kit for classrooms and students of all ages from elementary to middle and high school students. The test strips can be used to compare the results of a variety of liquids besides water, such as sodas, juices, and other beverages. Easily compare results of different waters and liquids without buying multiple kits. This 4-pack testing set for home projects, schools, and science fairs gives you a total of 32 tests in just one convenient kit.

6 reviews for 4-Pack Kit For Schools & Science Fairs

  1. D (verified owner)

    This kit was perfect for my 10 year old’s science fair project. It was simple to use and understand yet offered enough information to make it substantial.

  2. MC

    Fun experiment!

  3. TB (verified owner)

    Perfect kit for our 12 year old’s science fair project. 4 sets of 8 tests allows for ample data points for the presentation. Excellent customer service, and an excellent price!
    I recommend this kit for any water filtration or water testing science fair project.

  4. Larry Shaw (verified owner)

    Easy use and worked great.

  5. Natalie Rodriguez

    I got the test kit, i thought it was going to include 32 tests so i could use 8 test variables with 4 trials, but instead, i got 16 tests that are different which only gives me enough for 4 test variables and 1 trial. I bought another one so i have enough for 2 test trials. I’m really disappointed, the description is confusing…

  6. albert conover (verified owner)

    I have used this kit for several years with the cub scouts. A fun and learning experience for the kids. I would like to know if you can use these kits in brackage water and the Long Island Sound water.?????

    • TestAssured

      Hey Albert, they aren’t designed for salt/brackwish water, but that said it might work! I’d give it a shot and see what happens.

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