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    Secchi Disk With Lanyard

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    The Secchi disk is an inexpensive and easy to use tool that allows you to measure water clarity. Our kit supplies everything you need including disk, lanyard, spool, and instructions. This Secchi disk works to check the transparency of any body of water. With 72 feet of cord, it is suitable for a variety of depths.

    The Secchi disk is lowered into a body of water until it can no longer be seen. This depth is measured to provide an indication of the health of the water. A high Secchi reading means the water is clear, while a low reading points to turbid or cloudy water providing insight into the productivity of a lake.

    Our Secchi Disk With Lanyard Kit includes:

    • Black and white solid plastic Secchi disk
    • 72’ rot-proof polymer cord
    • Spool to wind excess cord
    • Detailed instruction manual

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    Blue TDS MeterTDS Meter with Case

    TDS Meter With Temperature

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    This professional quality meter takes both TDS and temperature readings. It is ideal for testing drinking water, aquariums, pools, spas, and hydroponics. Our TDS meter allows you to quickly and accurately test a variety of water sources at home, school, the office, or anywhere else where you would need to test water quality.

    TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids and is a measurement of the weight of all solids that are dissolved in a liquid. These solids can include minerals, salts, metals, cations, or anions. Since dissolved ionized solids can increase the conductivity of a solution, the TDS meter works by measuring the conductivity of the solution. The conductivity reading is converted into an estimate of the TDS which is an indication of water quality.

    Our TDS Meter Comes With:
    • Lightweight, professional grade TDS and temperature meter
    • 2 button cell batteries (1.5V), installed
    • Protective carrying case with Velcro closure
    • Detailed instruction guide

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    Water hardness test strips

    Water Hardness Test Strips

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    Hard water usually contains a high concentration of dissolved minerals. Calcium and magnesium are the most common minerals to cause hard water. While hard water can have some unpleasant characteristics such as odor or an off taste, it is not considered a health hazard. In fact, it is believed that the high concentration of calcium and magnesium can help people meet the necessary dietary requirements for these important minerals.

    Despite the potential health benefits, hard water can become a nuisance. Mineral buildup can clog pipes and damage water using appliances. Hard water may leave a film on glass shower doors, tubs, shower walls, and sinks. It also affects the amount of soap and detergent needed for cleaning.

    Whether you have well water or municipal water, our Water Hardness Test Strips will quickly show you the levels of calcium and magnesium in your water.

    Water Hardness Test Kit Includes:

    • 20 strips foil wrapped in 2-strip packages
    • Easy to read color chart to determine hardness levels
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    water test and tds meterTDS Meter with Case

    Water Test Kit & TDS Combo

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    Test Kit + TDS Meter for one price.

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    Well Water Test Kit

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    The Test Assured Well Water Test Kit is perfect for homeowners who rely on groundwater and well water for their drinking and irrigation needs.
    The EPA is responsible for protecting public water supplies, but there are no regulations that govern individual water systems such as private wells. As a well owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your drinking water is safe.

    The CDC recommends that well water should be checked once a year for contaminants. You may want to check the quality of your water more often if there are known problems with wells in your area or if you have experienced any flooding or land disturbances near your well. Indications of a change in water quality include cloudiness, odor, and unusual taste.

    This single kit includes all of the following water tests:
    • Chlorine
    • Copper
    • Nitrates & Nitrites
    • Iron
    • Alkalinity
    • pH
    • Hardness
    • Bacteria

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