Heavy Metals Lab Water Test Kit



Heavy Metals Lab Water Test Kit


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Our heavy metals testing kit includes sterilized vials for your water samples, a shipping label, detailed testing instructions, a sample information card, and a return shipping package.

Once our certified lab receives your water samples, they will perform tests specifically engineered to identify the presence of Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Lead, Manganese, Mercury, and Nickel.

The EPA has set limits on the amounts of heavy metals that are permissible in drinking water:

  • Arsenic has a Maximum Contaminant Level of 10 parts per billion (PPB)
  • Cadmium has a Maximum Contaminant Level of 0.005 milligrams per liter (mg/L)
  • Chromium is limited to a total of 100 PPB
  • Copper has a non-enforceable health goal of 1.3 PPM
  • Lead must not exceed 15 PPB, however, no amount of lead is considered safe and the Maximum Contaminant Level goal is zero
  • Manganese concentration should be at or below 50 PPB
  • Mercury has a Maximum Contaminant Level of 0.002 mg/L or 2 PPB
  • Nickel does not currently have an EPA enforced limit, but the amount should still be monitored

While some metals are essential as nutrients, all metals can become toxic at certain amounts.  It is recommended that you test your water for heavy metals frequently, especially if you have older metal pipes or live in an industrial area.

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Water contaminated with heavy metals can pose a serious health threat.  Heavy metals can leach into your water through older pipes and plumbing systems.  They can also enter water sources from industrial processes as they seep through the ground into aquifers.

Ingesting heavy metals can have toxic effects leading to prolonged illnesses.  These contaminants are not easily detected as they are odorless, tasteless, and colorless.  Drinking contaminated water can lead to a build up of heavy metals in the body which may result in developmental, neurological, gastrointestinal, and reproductive damage.


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