Bacteria In Water Test

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Bacteria In Water Test


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The TestAssured Bacteria In Water Test is our easy do-it-yourself kit that allows you to screen your water for E-Coli and coliform bacteria with results in 48 hours. No mailing is needed, once you include your water sample you’ll simply shake the vial and set it to the side for 2 days.

If at the 48 hour mark the vial has turned a yellow color it will indicate unsafe levels present in the sample. This is a great easy screening test that works for both well and municipal drinking water sources.

(14 customer reviews)

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This is our latest test that lets you quickly & easily test for bacteria in water.

14 reviews for Bacteria In Water Test

  1. Norman Nelson (verified owner)

    Very good test kit!

  2. Norman Nelson (verified owner)

    Great! Haven’t used all the testing yet, but the bacteria test tells me.

  3. Jason (verified owner)

    Easy to use. Shipped out quickly.

  4. ROSALYNN BODDY (verified owner)

    The test was very easy to do. It helps my family

  5. ROSALYNN BODDY (verified owner)

    Thank you! The test was very easy to do. It helps my family

  6. abraham (verified owner)

    easy to use. Negative result was expected and that’s what I got.

  7. Kevin Sallee Industrial Van and Truck Equipment (verified owner)

    The support with meeting my bacteria testing needs was solid and accurate. I received my easy to read and use kits in record time. I have great confidence in the products and support from Water Testing Kits to insure safe water.

  8. Michael Watson (verified owner)

    Awesome and easy to use test. I will keep spare tests on hand to test periodically. Thanks so much!!

  9. al marks, President Lakeshore Forest Water System (verified owner)

    My kit arrived but no instructions. If I was not familiar with these tests I would not know what to do and what the color change meant.

    • TestAssured

      Hi Al,

      The instructions for this bacteria test are right on the back on the main card on the packaging. We also have them on this product page under the “Documents” tab if they are ever needed again.

      Sorry for the inconvenience if there’s anything else you need let us know, can mail out another insert if you need it.

  10. Bill (verified owner)

    Being a state licensed water system operator, sending samples into the state lab for testing, I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of sampling, and the test results matched the state labs as well, no bacteria present.

  11. Aldo Steele (verified owner)

    Easy test to perform. Instructions are clear and concise. I’m not sure though, if this test indicates any bacteria or is specific to e-coli bacteria.

  12. Norman Labelson (verified owner)

    Test was easy to use. No bacteria (purple) Will test again in two weeks to confirm this test.

  13. Norman Labelson (verified owner)

    No bacteria (purple) Will test again in two weeks to confirm this test.

  14. Michael Schineller (verified owner)

    very easy to use tested ok

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