What Pesticides does the Pesticide test screen for?

The pesticide test detects basic compounds Atrazine and Simazine that are found in most pesticide chemicals. It detects these at or below the EPA Maximum Contaminant level (Atrazine – 3 ppb and Simazine – 4 ppb).

What Bacteria does the Bacteria test screen for?

The bacteria test detects coliform bacteria. Coliform bacteria are a common “indicator bacteria” of bacterial contamination. Water utilities use the same kind of testing to check drinking water.

Some examples of coliform bacteria include E. coli, serratia, enterobacter, ctirobacter, hafnia, klebsiella, and yersinia.

Can I look at the Bacteria Test Results after 48 hours to analyze results?

No, the Bacteria test grows a culture that is why it needs to be set aside for 48 hours. The test must be viewed at the 48-hour mark. If the results are analyzed at a later point it might falsely show as being positive for bacteria as it keeps growing the culture.

How many Times can I re-use the tests in my kit?

All our test kits are good for a one-time use. The kit may contain many different tests for different items to test but it is only good for a 1-time use.

Now if you purchase one of our multi packs such as our water hardness test strip packs – we sell those in a 20 pack and a 35 pack.

Those are good for either 20 times or 35 times based upon how many test strips are in the pack.

I have a discount code, how can I use it?

The place you can enter your coupon code is located on the SHOPPING CART page.   If you need help please reach out to our customer support team!

What if my test results show a different color than is on the instructions that I am to compare it to?

Pick the color it looks like it is the closest to when comparing it to the instruction sheet. If you cannot make a determination, please feel free to call us at 888-616-8289 and we will help you analyze your results.

I lost or can't find the instructions for my test kit, can you resend me another copy?

On most of our testing kits and supplies we have copies of the the instructions under the “Documents” tab on the product page.   Simply go to the page of the product in question and look for it.

If you need help let our support team know and we’ll be happy to help get you a copy of it.

Do the water test kits have an expiration date?

The water test kits and test strips typically have approx. a 2-year expiration date. The date is market on the kit.

My kit is missing the Iron Tablet to do the Iron Test.

In most cases this item is over looked and missed by the customer since it is very small and is in a small silver pack but if your kit does not contain it please contact us at 888-616-8289 and we will mail it out to you right away.

What is the difference Complete Water Test kit and the Well Water Test Kit?

The only difference is that the Well Water Test kit does not have the lead and pesticide test included.

How do you ship the items?

We typically ship the item(s) you order to you through the united states post office (USPS). The item(s) you ordered will typically arrive to you within 3-5 business days depending upon where you live.

If you would like expedited shipping, we do have those options at check out for you to receive your order quicker.


  1. Good morning,

    I was looking into your Water Test Kit and had a question regarding accuracy and reliability. Does the lab have any accreditations? For example AOAC A2LA?

    Thank you,

  2. Hello,
    How long does the lab verification take for water samples?

  3. Kathie Miller

    the instructions say (for the lead & pesticide test) put 2 full droppers of water in vial, then swirl the vial and put on flat surface, place both test strips into vial with arrows pointing down and wait 10 minutes, after 10 minutes take them out and lay them on a flat surface… then it talks about the left and right side of the sticks, Was i to put both sides of the sticks into the water? I have not done the test yet, i wanted to know before i start

  4. The bacteria test instructions say “At the 48 hour mark , your test results are ready to view.” This does not mean “don’t wait.” You should amend this to: “View test results at the 48 hour mark. The bacteria in the sample will continue to grow and may provide a false positive if viewed after the 48 hour mark.”

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