Lead & Copper In Water Lab Test



Lead & Copper In Water Lab Test


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Water can absorb lead from old water taps and pipes. Drinking this water can cause lead poisoning that results in developmental, neurological, gastrointestinal, and reproductive damage. Consumption of lead is especially dangerous to young children and pregnant and nursing women.

Copper can seep into water supplies naturally from rocks and soil.  Copper piping can also be a source of copper contamination.  High levels of copper can cause gastrointestinal issues and have been associated with liver damage and kidney disease.

If you don’t take want to take chances with your health, don’t take chances with your drinking water.  Test your water to reduce your exposure to dangerous levels of lead and copper.

Lead levels in drinking water should not exceed 15ppb.  Copper in drinking water should be at a level below 1,300 parts per billion.  Using our Lead & Copper Water Test Kit is a quick and easy way you to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of lead and copper in your drinking water.

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Lead and copper are among the most common water contaminants in the US.  Whether you have municipal water or well water, the pipes that carry your water from the source to the tap could be contaminating your drinking water.

There are no visible or easily detectable signs to let you know that your water may be contaminated with lead or copper.  In order to determine contamination, you need to test your water.  While test strips may provide an indication of contamination, for more precise results, you need laboratory testing.

Our Lead & Copper Water Test is an actual lab test.  You will receive a leak-proof sample container and a postage-paid package to send the samples to the laboratory for testing.


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