Radiation In Water Test



Radiation In Water Test


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The most common radioactive elements that are known to contaminate water include uranium and radium.  Both of these are naturally found in rocks that may be part of the aquifers that are used to source drinking water. As the rocks break down over time, the water absorbs these radioactive particles.

While most water sources have low levels of these radioactive contaminants, as the levels increase, they can pose serious risks.  The EPA has established allowable levels for radioactive contaminants in drinking water. The maximum allowable level for combined radium is 226/228 (5 pCi/L).  For man-made beta particles and photon emitters, the EPA allows 4 millirems per year. Gross alpha activity has a maximum of 15 pCi/L.  With our Radiation Water Test Kit, you will be able to test for both gross alpha and beta particle activity.

This test kit includes detailed instructions and sterilized bottle for your water sample.  Once you take the sample simply return the sample in the box it was sent to and mail it to our laboratory listed in the instructions you receive.  When our certified laboratory receives your samples, they will be tested for Alpha Radiation and Beta Radiation from any source, including Radium, Radon, Uranium, and Strontium. After testing is complete, you will receive results with details about the radiation content of your water.

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People are constantly exposed to radiation, a majority of which comes from natural sources.  Radioactive elements can leach into water supplies from rocks, soil, and minerals. Recent testing by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has shown that water supplies in more than 27 states contain radioactive elements in excess of the limits established by the EPA.

Exposure to radiation in your water can cause serious health issues, including cancer.  Pregnant women, children, and people with compromised immune systems are at the greatest risk of harm from radiation poisoning.  Don’t take chances with your health, use our Radiation Water Test Kit to find out if your water could be making you sick.


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