TDS Meter With Temperature



TDS Meter With Temperature


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This professional quality meter takes both TDS and temperature readings. It is ideal for testing drinking water, aquariums, pools, spas, and hydroponics. Our TDS meter allows you to quickly and accurately test a variety of water sources at home, school, the office, or anywhere else where you would need to test water quality.

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids and is a measurement of the weight of all solids that are dissolved in a liquid. These solids can include minerals, salts, metals, cations, or anions. Since dissolved ionized solids can increase the conductivity of a solution, the TDS meter works by measuring the conductivity of the solution. The conductivity reading is converted into an estimate of the TDS which is an indication of water quality.

Our TDS Meter Comes With:
• Lightweight, professional grade TDS and temperature meter
• 2 button cell batteries (1.5V), installed
• Protective carrying case with Velcro closure
• Detailed instruction guide

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Our 2-in-1 TDS Meter and Thermometer works quickly and accurately to give you a reading of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in your water source. TDS levels give you an indication as to the quality of your water and can also help you to maximize the lifespan of water filters for drinking water, aquariums, and pools. Stop relying on average time estimates for filter replacement and get the maximum use out of them by changing them when they truly are at the end of their life.

Water with high TDS levels may contain contaminants or hinder the absorption of water molecules on a cellular level. It does not mean the water is a health hazard, but it may warrant further testing. High TDS is often a sign of hard water which can result in mineral deposits, causing damage to pipes and fixtures. It can also reduce the efficiency of water filtration systems.

Low TDS levels in water increase the absorption of water molecules, making it easier for your body to become hydrated when you drink water. Extremely low TDS levels are sometimes associated with corrosion which can leach toxic metals such as copper and lead from pipes.
The EPA considers TDS levels a secondary standard for measuring water quality. This is because varying TDS levels typically impact only the aesthetics of water and not its safety. The EPA’s maximum contaminant level of TDS in drinking water is 500mg/L.

TDS Meter with Temperature Features:
• Hold function – saves measurements for convenient reading and recording
• Auto-off function – turns meter off after 10 minutes of non-use to conserve batteries
• Dual range – measures from 0-999ppm with a resolution of 1ppm and from 1,000 to 9,990ppm with a resolution of 10ppm (indicated by blinking x10 symbol)
• Fast and accurate results in under 10 seconds
• Three easy to use control buttons: ON/OFF, TEMP, and HOLD
• Factory calibrated
• Accuracy: +/-2%
• Battery: 2×1.5V button cell (installed)
• Size: 155x31x23mm (6.1×1.2×0.9in)
• Weight: 76g (1.13oz)

Our TDS Meter with Temperature includes everything you need to test TDS levels:
• Highly visible, royal blue professional grade TDS and temperature meter
• 2 button cell batteries (1.5V), installed
• Durable protective carrying case in black with window and Velcro closure
• Detailed instruction guide