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Six Reasons You Should Drink Water in the Morning

Everyone has heard that you should drink eight glasses of water a day to stay properly hydrated.  What people often don’t realize is how important it is to drink water in the morning.  When you are sleeping, your body is using fluids that are not being replaced.  Imagine not drinking anything for the next six to eight hours. That’s exactly what is happening while you are asleep.  To help alleviate the dehydration that is experienced during sleep, experts recommend that you drink water in the morning, as soon as you wake up. This helps to replenish lost fluids, but also provides a number of additional health benefits as well.

Most sources suggest that you drink at least 16oz of water as soon as you wake up.  Some people feel the more you drink at this time, the more benefits your body will reap.  Because at least 60 percent of the body is made up of water, staying hydrated helps to maintain your fluid balance.  This enables your body to transport nutrients, regulate temperature, and digest food.  Here are six more reasons you should make it a priority to drink at least one large glass of water upon waking up.

1. Water can help your kidneys flush out toxins.

The kidneys work hard to purge toxins from your body, but they need an adequate amount of fluid to do their job.   When you start rehydrating with water in the morning, your helping your kidneys to flush out toxins that may have built up during the night as the body became dehydrated. Drinking water in the morning, and throughout the day, helps to remove toxins from the blood which results in a clear, glowing complexion.

2. You’ll improve your brain function.

Brain tissue is composed of approximately 75% water. Dehydration that occurs during the night impacts your brain activity.  When you’re dehydrated, the brain is forced to operate on less fuel, which can leave you feeling drained, fatigued, and depressed.   Replacing your coffee with a glass of water in the morning can help you feel more awake and alert.

3. It aids digestion.

Drinking a glass of water to rehydrate after sleeping helps the body with digestion.   Getting plenty of water helps to move the lower bowels and will keep you regular in the mornings. Water also purifies the colon, so that it is easier for the body to absorb nutrients from food.

4. It will keep your body healthy.

Rehydrating in the morning helps to keep you healthy.  Water keeps your lymph system in balance. Your lymph glands are responsible for equalizing the fluid in your body and fighting infections. A healthy lymph system can also increase the production of new blood and muscles cells.

5. It increases your metabolism.

Pour yourself a large glass of cold water after you wake up if you want to speed up your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day.  Drinking water first thing in the morning has been shown to increase metabolism by almost 25%.  While drinking water doesn’t actually burn any calories, it does ensure that your metabolism is functioning at its peak.

6. Drinking water makes you feel full.

When you drink water in the morning, you can suppress your appetite, so you eat less. Drink a glass of water before breakfast has zero calories and could help you to eat less when you do have breakfast.  It can also help curb snacking before lunch.

Know What You Are Drinking

Drinking water in the morning is something that should be part of your daily routine, but be sure to also drink plenty of water throughout the day.  When you’re drinking water to improve your health, it’s important to make sure that you are drinking safe, clean water.  Many of the contaminants that are cause for concern can easily go undetected because they are colorless, odorless, and tasteless.

One way to make sure your water is helping to keep you healthy is to test it regularly.  There are a number of cost-effective kits that allow you to quickly and conveniently test your water without mixing chemicals or mailing away samples.  TestAssured’s Complete Water Analysis Test Kit includes ten tests that will give you results within 10 minutes with the exception of the bacteria test which takes 48 hours.

Drink Water in the Morning

Water is essential for the body to function properly.  Make it a habit to drink water in the morning every day.  Not only will it help to wake you up, but it will also help to keep you healthy.

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