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How Do I know If Are There Heavy Metals in My Water?

Heavy metal is harmless when you’re talking about music, but not when you are talking about your water. Ingesting heavy metals with your water can be a serious potential health threat.  When you consume any heavy metal with your water, it can accumulate in your body, causing cancer and other health risks. These contaminants are […]


How Much Water Does Your Toddler Need?

With a toddler, it can seem like there’s an endless list of things to worry about. We worry about whether they are eating enough nutritious foods or do they know not to talk to strangers. One of the concerns that isn’t usually at the top of that list is if your toddler is getting enough […]

Symptoms of Lead Poisoning from Water

It’s hard to believe that will all of the press from the Flint, Michigan water scare in 2014, we are still at risk of lead poisoning from water.  Most recently, seven schools in Virginia were found to have lead in their drinking water.  Ingesting lead is particularly dangerous to infants, children, pregnant and nursing mothers, […]

Lead In Your Water? You May Have a Lawsuit on Your Hands

Since the scandal in Flint, Michigan broke in the spring of 2014, other U.S. cities have been surprised to discover high levels of lead in their drinking water. It showed many naïve Americans that the Flint scandal might have been the most publicized water crisis in the last few years, but it’s not the first, […]

4 Things to Know About Lead in Drinking Water

With the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, people all over the country have suddenly become cognizant of the fact that clean drinking water is not a guarantee – even in a first world nation like the United States. But is lead contamination a serious issue in areas outside of Flint? How Lead Enters a Home’s […]