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Drinking Water to Lose Weight

drinking water to lose weightHow Can Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight

While water isn’t a magic bullet to help you lose weight, it can be an important part of your weight loss plan.  Water is a necessary part of any healthy diet.  One of the reasons water is such a great addition to your diet is that it is one of the most accessible and affordable health supplements you can find.

Drinking water offers many benefits that can help boost your weight loss program.  It increases metabolism, cleanses your body of waste products, and can suppress your appetite. Also, drinking water flushes your body to alleviate water retention that can cause bloating.

Nutritional Value of Water

One of the best qualities of water that helps with weight loss is the fact that it is one hundred percent calorie free.  It has no sugar, no fat, and no carbs.  But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any nutritional value.  Water can be full of nutrients and minerals that you need to maintain your health. Unfiltered water often contains magnesium, fluoride, and calcium.  Waters that come from mineral springs may also have trace amounts of sulfates, lithium, and bicarbonate.  Your body needs these nutrients and minerals to support your joints, nerves, and muscles, and to maintain a healthy weight.

Drink Water Before Your Meals

When you feel full, you eat less.  Drinking a glass of water before you begin eating can make you feel fuller, helping you to consume less food and fewer calories.  Your goal should be to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, which will also help you feel sated in between meals, reducing your cravings for snacks and empty calories.  If you are increasing your activity level as part of your weight loss plan, make sure you also increase your water intake so that you can replace the fluids you lose through sweating.

Replace Juice and Soda with Water

Sugary juices and high-calorie sodas are not your friends if you are trying to lose weight.  Most offer little nutritional value but the calories they contain can quickly add up if they are your main source of hydration.  If you tend to avoid water because it’s too plain, try adding some fruit to your water; citrus fruits work well and so do strawberries.  If it’s the bubbles you need, try some seltzer water or sparkling water.

Add Some Ice to Your Water

When you’re trying to lose weight, every calorie counts.  One trick that nutritionists recommend is adding ice cubes to your water. Cold water can help increase your metabolism because your body has to burn calories to warm up the water.  Burning more calories means more weight loss!

Tips to Drink More Water

The best way to drink more water is to always have a glass or bottle of water nearby.  Keep a bottle of water in your purse or in your car.  Find a fun bottle or glass that you can keep on your desk so you can sip throughout the day.  There are even apps available for your phone that can help you keep track of your water intake and will also remind you when you need do drink more.

Make Sure Your Drinking the Best Quality Water

While many of us are fortunate enough to have easy access to water throughout the day, unfortunately, that water may not be as healthy as we think.  Recent headlines have shown us that no matter the source, we cannot take the safety of our drinking water for granted. If you are going to make an effort to increase your water intake for health and weight loss, it is important to test your water.

Whether you are a bottled water fan or prefer your water straight from the tap, the only way to know exactly what is in your water is to test it.  Many of the common contaminants that can cause health concerns are colorless and odorless, making them almost impossible to detect without testing.

Testing your water doesn’t need to be complicated, time-consuming, or expensive.  TestAssured makes a complete water testing kit that allows you to perform 10 different tests to determine that quality of your water. There is even a kit designed especially for testing well water.  With these easy to use at-home test kits, you can quickly and accurately analyze your drinking water to make sure that you are drinking safe quality water as part of your weight loss plan.




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