Whose Mouth is Cleaner – Yours or a Dog’s?

Some people will argue that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s. We decided to test that theory with Test Assured’s 4 Test Kit Set for Schools and Science Fairs. Our test will compare water samples that have been in contact with human mouths and dog’s mouths. The Test Assured set includes 4 test […]

How Well Does Your Water Filter Work? Experiment For Kids At Home.

Whether you have well water or municipal water, you can never be too certain about what is in your water.  Many people choose to use a water filter to ensure that their water is safe to drink, but how do you know if your water filter is working?  The best way to know what is […]

How Does Adding Milk and Sugar Change a Cup of Tea?

Tea is a popular beverage any time of day. Some people drink it plain, while others add milk and some prefer sugar.  Milk and sugar certainly change the way a cup of tea tastes, but did you ever consider how it may change the composition of what started out as plain water?  Using Test Assured’s […]

What’s in Your Vegetable Water?

Have you ever wondered what’s left behind in the water after you boil vegetables? One way to find out is to test the water using Test Assured’s 4 Test Kit Set for Schools and Science Fairs. This set includes 4 test kits and is appropriate for children in grades three through twelve. Supplies The first […]


  HOW TO USE YOUR WATER TESTING KIT First things first!   Make sure you have all the contents of the box if front of you. The box will contain: 4 test kits 4 sample containers (1 in each package) 12 test strips (3 in each package) 4 Iron tablets (1 in each package) 4 […]

Dishes & Clothes Aren’t Getting Clean

Why isn’t my stuff getting clean? We use water to clean our bodies, clothing, dishes, and much more. Water is often called the universal solvent, which means it is capable of dissolving more types of substances than just about anything else on earth. That’s what makes it a great cleaner. The downside, however, is that […]

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Why Does My Water Smell? The 6 Most Common Smells & Their Culprits.

Why does my water smell? We often think of water as a pure substance because we use it to clean so many things: our dishes, our clothes, even our own bodies! But sometimes the water we use in our homes doesn’t seem very clean. It might have visible particles in it or smell bad. Odor […]

How To Test Your Water For Lead In Minutes

Great, just move away to a magical hot spring and you’re good! Or… we’ve got the next best thing. Fortunately for you, TEST ASSURED has the BEST Lead in drinking water testing kit in the world. Did I mention it test for Pesticides too? Well it does. It’s simple to use and really, really fast. […]

Lead In Your Water? You May Have a Lawsuit on Your Hands

Since the scandal in Flint, Michigan broke in the spring of 2014, other U.S. cities have been surprised to discover high levels of lead in their drinking water. It showed many naïve Americans that the Flint scandal might have been the most publicized water crisis in the last few years, but it’s not the first, […]

8 Ways Americans Can Work Together to Clean Up the Water Supply

If you’re looking to support a good cause in your local town or neighborhood, then make it a priority to care about a clean water supply. Drinking water quality is a very real issue and deserves more attention on a local and national level.  Clean Drinking Water You may assume that clean drinking water isn’t […]