Safe to Drink: How Much Chlorine Should Your Water Contain?

The high content of chlorine in the typical pool makes it safer for you to swim in without contracting a disease, but people will also warn you not to drink the water. The warning also centers on the high chlorine content rather than the possibility that someone may have peed in the pool. Most of […]

7 Signs Your Drinking Water Isn’t Clean

If you think that contaminated drinking water is only something you’ll run across in foreign countries, think again. The water coming into your home could be filled with bacteria and dangerous chemicals. But how are you supposed to know if this is the case? The Dangers of Contaminated Drinking Water There are two primary ways […]

How to Find and Purify Drinking Water in the Wilderness

There are three things the human body needs to survive: oxygen, food, and water. In a survival situation, oxygen is a given, but food and water can be harder to find. The human body can survive weeks without food, depending on the density and fat levels of the body. However, a person can only survive […]

4 Things to Know About Lead in Drinking Water

With the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, people all over the country have suddenly become cognizant of the fact that clean drinking water is not a guarantee – even in a first world nation like the United States. But is lead contamination a serious issue in areas outside of Flint? How Lead Enters a Home’s […]

9 Types of Drinking Water Contaminants You Should Test For

When you go to the sink or refrigerator and fill up a glass of water, you expect that water to be safe to drink. After all, we live in a country that has strict health guidelines in place and possess the infrastructure of a first world country. But what if we told you that your […]