Looking for the perfect product to use to demonstrate water testing to your child, student, or classroom? Test Assured is here to help. We offer 4-pack kits that are perfect for schools and science fairs. These water kits allow you to easily test and compare four different water samples. This science kit is great for students studying water in biology or environmental geology. By taking four different samples, a student can compare the water in your home, pool, well, and any body of fresh water. This water testing kit for science projects includes an instruction guide and results book to keep track of results. If you are educating others on water quality as an experiment, this is a great science fair kit. With its included instruction guide, this is also an excellent resource for any classroom lab and will make any science teacher’s job a little easier. It is an excellent science project for any classroom or a nice opportunity to teach your child about water quality for fun.

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    Science Fair Water Testing Kit

    4-Pack Kit For Schools & Science Fairs

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    Our 4 Test Kit Set is perfect for science fairs, classroom lessons, and family projects. This water experiment kit can be used at home or in the classroom and is simple enough for elementary school students yet scientifically sophisticated enough for high school science projects. Our water quality tests are easy to use and produce scientific data that can be incorporated into displays, graphs, and reports for science projects.

    The set includes 4 test kits and is appropriate for children in grades three through nine. Tests are done with safe, easy-to-use test strips and do not require any hazardous chemicals or scientific glassware. Simply dip a test strip into the water sample and then compare it to the included color chart to determine the results.

    Our 4 Test Kit Set includes 4 kits that contain tests for:
    • Chlorine (Cl)
    • Copper (Cu)
    • Nitrates
    • Nitrites
    • Alkalinity
    • pH
    • Hardness
    • Iron (Fe)

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