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School Water Testing Kit


4 Pack School &  Experiment Kit
This is by far our most popular testing kit.  It’s perfect for kids of all ages to test 4 different water samples to see the differences.  Also a great choice for science fairs and homeschoolers!

4- Pack School Water Testing Kit

Classroom Kit With TDS Meter

This is just like our school water experiment kit however it includes a TDS meter.  This allows students the ability to test Total Dissolved Solids in addition to everything else.

Science Class Water Test Kit With TDS Meter

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Recent Water Testing Results Submitted From Our Customers

With thousands of customers around the world, where starting a new project where everyone can share their results & then view other results submitted from around the world. Compare your water quality with other people from all over.

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Test Assured is committed to providing accurate water testing analysis through home water test kits. Water testing is important because it prevents health problems and increases safety by analyzing the condition of your water. Receiving unsanitary or poor results allows you to take proper action to better your water’s condition and sanitation. Home water testing is performed to test for multiple water contaminants such as lead, bacteria, pesticides, nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, copper, and iron. Water hardness is also tested as it can be damaging to homes. You can perform a home water test by purchasing test kits and supplies. Home water test kits available through Test Assured include a testing kit, individual test strips, and TDS and pH meters. Science fair and school kits are also available to teach the youth about water testing and how interesting it can be. These school kits are excellent to enhance educational experience when it comes to classroom labs. Contact Test Assured today to purchase your home water test kit at (888) 616-8289!