How To Test Your Water For Lead In Minutes

Great, just move away to a magical hot spring and you’re good!

Or… we’ve got the next best thing.

Fortunately for you, TEST ASSURED has the BEST Lead in drinking water testing kit in the world. Did I mention it test for Pesticides too? Well it does.

It’s simple to use and really, really fast. Like ten minutes fast! Before you know it you’ll have your test results right before your very eyes.

There are a few instruction to walk through to complete the process. Actually, you don’t even have to walk, you can sit at a table or a desk or outside if you like. Whatever makes you comfortable.

You definitely want to go through each step so you don’t blow yourself up. This is a small chemistry set after all. Ok, you probably won’t blow yourself up.

Click here to visit the test kit page – or continue reading below.




Few rules that you should know before you start with your TEST KIT

I know everyone hates rules, but really, you should check these out!


  • Don’t eat or drink the content of this test kit. You will get sick, Just Don’t do it!
  • Don’t let your pets eat or drink the content of this test kit. Just Don’t do it!
  1. Use this test kit with HOT water
  2. Use this test kit with bleach
  3. Use this test kit with cleaning agents or detergents

Few more things that are important for you to know

You don’t want to store this test kit in the refrigerator or by the hot stove. It would be a great idea to store the kit in a Cool, Dry, place. Like a high shelf in the Garage or Utility Closet.

USE ONCE. Do not use this twice or three times. Just one time. It will not work a second or third time.

Ok, now for the “fine print”. It basically says that you MUST follow the instructions EXACTLY and if you don’t it’s not our fault. So just do me a favor and follow the instructions. Everything will work really well if you follow the exact instructions, I promise.

Here is the fine print:

Please note that this test kit is a screening test and can not be used to certify any water as safe or unsafe for drinking. This test provides you with approximate results ONLY when used EXACTLY as instructed. Inlet Innovations, Inc DBA and Test Assured expressly disclaims any liability resulting from the use of this product, failure to follow instructions or reliance on the test results.



Carefully open the foil that contains the Lead & Pesticide test kit.



The package should contain:

  1. Test vial
  2. Dropper pipette
  3. Two test strips
  4. Desiccant pack (to be discarded).











Using the dropper, place Exactly TWO dropperfuls of  the water sample into the test vial.

Pick up a water sample by squeezing the top bulb at the end of the dropper and place the open end into your water.

Release the bulb to suck in the water sample into the lower dropper chamber.

Expel the water into your test vial by simply squeezing the bulb again.





Swirl the test vial for a few seconds then place it on a flat surface.

Preferably a horizontal surface.

With both arrows pointing DOWN,   Place both test strips into the vial.

Wait 10 minutes

Do not disturb the test during this time

While you wait, toast a bagel, do ten push-ups, take out the trash, walk your hedgehog,

just make sure you’re back in 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes you will see pretty blue lines appear on the test strips.

Take the strips out of the vial and lay them on a flat surface

with the arrows pointing to the LEFT. The other LEFT

Now we check the results!



If your water is clean the LEFT line next to the number 1 will be darker and the RIGHT line next to the number 2 will be lighter.







If you see only one line next to the number 1 then the test is negative. YEA! Time to celebrate and drink gallons and gallons of water, take long showers, and you should consider going into the bottled water business!





If your water sucks the RIGHT line next to the number 2 will be darker and the LEFT line next to the number 1 will be lighter.

If both LEFT and RIGHT lines are equally dark then the test is POSITIVE.

(If a test strip shows a positive result then your water sample may contain pesticide or lead at a possibly toxic level, Further testing is highly recommended.)

PLEASE NOTE: If no lines appear or both of the lines are very faint, the test may not have run properly and the results are invalid.


Ready to get started? Visit our lead & pesticide testing kit page right now.

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