water filter science project

A Science Experiment for Kids: Testing Homemade Water Filters

This month we have another dirty water science experiment.  Our goal is to test different types of homemade water filters.  Imagine if you had a natural disaster that compromised the local water supply.  This is a real possibility for many people who live in hurricane and storm-prone areas.  In such an emergency, your only source […]

drink water during winter months

How Important Is It to Drink Water During Winter Months?

There are plenty of articles talking about the importance of drinking water during the hot summer months.  However, many people don’t realize that it is just as important to drink enough water when it’s cold outside. So how important is it to drink water during winter months and how much water do you need? General Guideline for […]

dog drinking water

What Is the Best Water for Pets to Be Drinking?

The topic of the best drinking water seems to be hotly debated among humans.  Yet, many of us don’t fret as much about the water we give our pets.  After all, who hasn’t seen a dog take a few sips of toilet water?  We’ve all seen animals stop to lap up a drink from a puddle […]

alkaline water

Is Alkaline Water a Scam or Something I Should Be Drinking?

A quick search online for “best healthy water” is likely to return millions of results, one of which is sure to be alkaline water.  Maybe you’ve heard that it helps your digestion or that it can improve muscle recovery.  Some even claim that it prevents aging and can reduce blood pressure, prevent cancer, and help […]