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It is important to know if there are heavy metals in your water because these contaminants can pose a serious health threat. Heavy metals can enter your drinking water from several sources. Some leach into the water through older pipes and plumbing systems. Others result from industrial processes and seep through the ground to contaminate water sources.

Exposure to certain metals, such as mercury and lead, may result in developmental, neurological, gastrointestinal, and reproductive damage. The toxic effects of ingesting high amounts heavy metals can be poisonous and may lead to prolonged illness.

Our Heavy Metals Test Strips are an easy, safe, and economical way to test for the presence of heavy metals in your water. There is no need to order expensive tests or equipment. Our test strips are based on recognized test methods and are foil wrapped to preserve freshness.

Heavy Metal Test Kit Includes:
-10 foil wrapped test strips with long shelf life
– Easy to read color chart to see metal levels
– Detailed instruction guide

Product Description

Know what you and your family are drinking with our Heavy Metals Test Strips. Whether you have tap water or municipal water, it may contain trace amounts of potentially harmful heavy metals. These metals enter water sources through the soil or can be absorbed from metal pipes.

This simple to use test kit can help you to identify the presence of heavy metals in your water at home, school, or the office. Using the easy to read color chart, you’ll be able to see the metal levels within two minutes. Easily test for multiple heavy metals including Copper, Lead, Cobalt, Nickel, Zinc, Cadmium, Mercury, and other +2 valence metals. Detection levels range from <10, up to 1000 ppb (µg/L). If more than one metal is detected in a sample, the value reported represents the sum of all the concentrations detected.
The test strips use chemical reagents to show the presence of heavy metals. When free metal ions from heavy metals are present, they react with the reagent causing the strip to change color. The more metal ions that are present, the darker the color change on the strip.

Our test strips are foil wrapped to guarantee freshness for best results. The strips are noncarcinogenic and are safe and easy to use with no chemicals to mix and no expensive equipment required. Instructions are clear, and results are easy to see on the included color chart.

Heavy Metal Test Kit Features:

  • 10 foil wrapped test strips with long shelf life
  • Identifies the presence of multiple heavy metals: Copper, Lead, Cobalt, Nickel, Zinc, Cadmium, Mercury, and other +2 valence metals
  • Detection levels: <10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 400, and 1000 ppb (µg/L)
  • Fast and accurate results in as little as two minutes
  • Easy to read color chart to see cumulative metal levels
  • Includes a detailed instruction guide
  • Made in the USA


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