Glyphosate (Found In Round-up) Laboratory Water Test


Glyphosate Found In Roundup - Water Testing Kit

Glyphosate (Found In Round-up) Laboratory Water Test


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Glyphosate is a type of herbicide that is frequently sprayed on crops.  You may know it by its more common name, Roundup. Studies have shown that even though this herbicide is meant to target plants, there is a certain amount that enters the soil.  As the chemicals seep into the earth, they can eventually make their way into water sources, contaminating our water supplies.

The health effects of glyphosate are still controversial.  However, there is strong evidence that it can lead to cancer.  No matter where your water comes from, if you want to be certain that you are not drinking this dangerous herbicide, you need to test your water.

Our Glyphosate Water Test is an actual lab test.  You’ll receive samples bottles, and a postage-paid package to send the samples to the laboratory for testing.


Don’t take chances with your health; test your water to reduce your exposure to glyphosate.  This widely used weed killing chemical under the brand name RoundUp has been sprayed on farms, schoolyards, lawns, and golf courses for years. There is a growing concern that high concentrations of glyphosate have penetrated the soil and entered our water supplies.

Regular water testing kits do not test for this potential carcinogen.  The few home test strips that do test for glyphosate may not be reliable. With the TestAssured Glyphosate Water Test Kit, your water sample will be analyzed in a laboratory for precise and accurate results.

The EPA has set an allowable limit for glyphosate in drinking water.  Their maximum contaminant level (MCL) is 0.7 mg/L or 700 ppb. Using our Glyphosate Water Test Kit is one of the simplest measures you can take to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of glyphosate.


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