At Home Water Test Kits

These are our most popular water test kits, we’ve put these kits together so that you get the best of all of our testing supplies in one easy to use package. Our kits are good for your drinking water no mater if you want to test well water or your municipal/city water supply.

These are at-home testing packages which means there is no mailing away required.  Most results are generated within minutes & offer the perfect affordable screening of your water supply.

If you ever have questions when using one of our water test kits please call our support team at any time.   We’re help to help you with any questions you!

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  • 13% OFF

    Complete Water Testing Kit

    $34.95 Read more
  • Heavy Metal In Water Test Kit8% OFF

    Heavy Metals Home Test Kit For Lead, Mercury, Iron & Copper

    $22.99 Read more
  • 20% OFF

    Legionella & Coli Water Test Kit

    $79.00 Read more
  • water test and tds meter10% OFF

    Water Test Kit & TDS Combo

    $44.95 Read more
  • Picture of front of well water test kit

    Well Water Test Kit

    $29.95 Add to cart
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