TDS and pH testing is very important when it comes to water quality. Test Assured has pH and TDS meters for sale. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. These solids include the total amount of minerals, salts, metals, or mobile charged ions that could be dissolved in your water’s volume. A TDS meter will be able to test your water for how many milligrams (mg) per unit are present in its volume. The lower the amount of total dissolved solids your water has, the purer it is and the safer it is to drink. Water hardness is a common example of one of the factors affected by total dissolved solids in water. Water hardness is usually caused by the amounts of calcium and magnesium salts present in the water. While Test Assured offers water hardness test strips already to test for this specifically, the TDS meter offers a broader scale of results and analysis for your water even including temperature. The pH meter is another incredibly advantageous tool used for testing the acidity or basicness of your water. Water that is too basic involves anything of values 9 to 14 on the pH scale. If your water is too acidic it will fall in the 0 to 4 value range. However, it is ideal for your health and any water basin that your water’s pH has a value of 7. To ensure your water’s health, perform home water testing today and test the water coming from your faucet –or the water in your pools –using Test Assured’s TDS and pH meters.

TDS & pH Meters

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    Packets of Buffer Solution Powder for Electronic pH MeterPackets of Buffer Solution Powder for Electronic pH Meter

    15 Pack pH Buffer Powder & Buffer Solution

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    Our 15-pack pH buffer power and buffer solution is a simple and easy solution to calibrating your electronic pH meter. These solutions are compatible with most meters, and frequent calibration will help to ensure the accuracy of your pH readings.
    With our pre-measured packets, you simply empty the powder into a clean glass container. Add 250mL of distilled water and stir until the powder is completely dissolved. Follow the instructions for your particular meter to complete the calibration process.

    pH Buffer Powder Features:
    • Easy to use and store, premeasured packets
    • Longer shelf life than liquid solutions
    • Full range of pH solutions
    • Ensures accuracy of a variety of electronic pH meters

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    pH & TDS Meter Set

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    pH Meter Package

    Reusable Electronic pH Meter

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    Tired of using pH test strips over and over again? With our electronic pH meter, you can easily test the pH of your water as many times as you’d like.

    The measure of pH in water is associated with corrosion levels. Water with a low pH is considered acidic. Low pH water can leach metal ions from the environment, leading to high levels of toxic metals. Increased pH levels can indicate hard water which can cause scaling and damage to plumbing and property.

    Our reusable electronic pH meter allows you to quickly and easily test the acidity and alkalinity of any liquid. This meter has a standard measuring range of 0-14 pH and is simple to calibrate for accurate readings. No need to rely on color charts and messy test strips, you get a clear digital reading in seconds.

    The Reusable Electronic pH Meter Kit includes:
    • High quality, compact pH testing pen
    • Screwdriver for simple calibration adjustments
    • 1 packet of pH 4.00 buffer powder
    • 1 packet of pH 6.86 buffer powder
    • Durable plastic carrying case
    • Detailed instruction manual

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    Blue TDS MeterTDS Meter with Case

    TDS Meter With Temperature

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    This professional quality meter takes both TDS and temperature readings. It is ideal for testing drinking water, aquariums, pools, spas, and hydroponics. Our TDS meter allows you to quickly and accurately test a variety of water sources at home, school, the office, or anywhere else where you would need to test water quality.

    TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids and is a measurement of the weight of all solids that are dissolved in a liquid. These solids can include minerals, salts, metals, cations, or anions. Since dissolved ionized solids can increase the conductivity of a solution, the TDS meter works by measuring the conductivity of the solution. The conductivity reading is converted into an estimate of the TDS which is an indication of water quality.

    Our TDS Meter Comes With:
    • Lightweight, professional grade TDS and temperature meter
    • 2 button cell batteries (1.5V), installed
    • Protective carrying case with Velcro closure
    • Detailed instruction guide

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