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    Secchi Disk With Lanyard

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    The Secchi disk is an inexpensive and easy to use tool that allows you to measure water clarity. Our kit supplies everything you need including disk, lanyard, spool, and instructions. This Secchi disk works to check the transparency of any body of water. With 72 feet of cord, it is suitable for a variety of depths.

    The Secchi disk is lowered into a body of water until it can no longer be seen. This depth is measured to provide an indication of the health of the water. A high Secchi reading means the water is clear, while a low reading points to turbid or cloudy water providing insight into the productivity of a lake.

    Our Secchi Disk With Lanyard Kit includes:

    • Black and white solid plastic Secchi disk
    • 72’ rot-proof polymer cord
    • Spool to wind excess cord
    • Detailed instruction manual

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